Because conversations are crucial to who we are

संवाद culture


What’s in the Name?

Our name holds our vision and purpose. The word Samvaad (संवाद) used in many Indian languages encapsulates much more than its somewhat loose translation ‘dialogue’. Sam (सम) literally means equal or alike, while vaad (वाद) can mean a dialogue, debate or even discourse. संवाद is thus a shared space of conversation being deeply rooted in the philosophy of everyone having space to participate fully.

This culture of dialogue is what we want to see in the world.

Our approach:

We use modalities like Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Sociocracy. These have been tried and tested in many parts of the world and are increasingly being used as they have proved to be very effective. We offer workshops and facilitation to organisations, groups of people as well as individuals.

We are particularly very passionate to bring about a systemic shift and are always keen to work with institutions of public policy and governance as well as learning institutions like schools, colleges, and higher education.

Who we are:

We are currently a sole proprietary social enterprise firm founded by Sonal Sheth. Her professional work and academic research of about a decade have mostly been in the area of public policy and development sector. We are a start up committed to support organisations and individuals in making their daily interactions more meaningful.


Our arms stretch to wider settings. We offer services to individuals, organisations, policy and governance institutions to learning institutions and so on.

What we offer:

Nonviolent communication

Learning to communicate with compassion, honesty and care


Decision making in situations of divergent viewpoints

Process or system design

Organisations’ web of communication


Individuals and groups experiencing difference or conflict

To whom:

Our services are quite widely applicable to many settings, following are a few examples:

Policy and governance institutions

Process design for Planning and budgeting, Monitoring and evaluation, Social audits, Capacity building, Convergence facilitation, Workshops

Private organisations

HR and other process design for projects, Capacity building, Workshops, Convergence facilitation

Individuals or groups

Non-violent communication workshops, Circles of sharing, Mediation

Schools or colleges

Non-violent communication in curricula, Teaching methods, Workshops

Find this resonating?

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